Committee meeting - 2nd October 2012

Present: Ciara Bates, Julie Griffiths, Margaret Griffin, Anthony Boland, Dessie Griffin, Naomi Witherow, Drew Chambers, Freddie Lusson
Apologies: Joe Bonner, Mark Doherty

Fashion show
Tickets for Fashion Show out now. Need to be circulated and sold. Contact Tracey / Margaret for tickets.
Freddie to post on website. Tracey / Margaret to liase with Freddie re same.
Volunteers needed for packing mints for tables – date to be decided.
Will need to set up tables etc on the day – need volunteers for same.

Sponsored walk
Need 30 people to walk.
Margaret having difficulty recruiting people.

Constitution / code of conduct & Child protection policy.
Lauren Smith can give us procedures etc to guide us
Margaret / Freddie have example paperwork from other clubs.
Freddie to email Castleknock and one other club’s paperwork for us all to review.
We will look at them for the next meeting.
We also need a safety statement. (Drew to source an example of same)

Child protection officer:
Julie and Mark Doherty designated officers.
Need photo of both for display

Sponsorship signs
Mark Doherty following up on further sponsorship with those whose money has run out.
Tracey liasing with Jackson’s hotel over their sponsorship
Kees – Freddie writing letter (they are doing a new brochure and interested in deal with tennis club).
Villa Rose – Freddie writing to same.

€6000 in account currently
€13,500 funding to be drawn down (used to pay off builder)
Loan down to €65,000 currently

Naomi to write to previous members who haven’t renewed to encourage renewal for remainder of the year at a reduced rate of €150 for the year.
John McHugh (builder) may be able to source another portacabin for the club for a couple of thousand euro. Agreed to go ahead with same.

Meeting set & letter drafted for coaches meeting to discuss contribution to the club's life and events.
Need to schedule club night for the coming months – Club Sundays have not been well attended recently.
Freddie booking courts for northern league matches – to contact any affected members.
Margaret's work-load to be shared out.
Answering emails: Freddie to answer rather than forwarding to Margaret.
Membership: Naomi to take on.
Competitions: Coaches to take responsibility. Freddie to be the nominated person to bring information regarding these to the committee.Accounts and insurance: Drew to help out here – reading meter etc.

Club captain:
Freddie to send one further email around to appeal for ladies’ and men’s captain for 6 months – 1 year initially.

Future meetings agreed for first Thursday of every month at 8:30.

Open Committee meeting - 14th August 2012

Present: Margaret Griffin, Ciara Bates, Elaine Chambers, Drew Chambers, Freddie Lusson, Anthony Boland, Dessie Griffin, Lucy Gordon, Michael McDaid, Naomi Witherow, Robert Thompson, Denise Espey, Dessie Griffin, Karl McCafferty Snr, Karl McCafferty Jnr. Joe Bonner, Barbara Bonner, Richard Desmond, Julie Griffiths, Tracey Alexander

Competitions (Timoney Cup)
Timoney Cup: Dessie suggests seeded mixed double tournament within the club – to keep best players apart. Full day versus spread over 2 days/ weekend. Agreed weekend of 14-16 September for tournament. Need names before 1st September; Age 16+. €5 entry fee. Query re tournament software. Can get as a member of tennis Ireland or buy for €200 per year. Need to wait until ready to run tournaments to buy software to make it worthwhile. Agreed not to buy this year due to cost. Julie and Margaret to text all members. Freddie to send email to all members. Interested parties can text club phone or register online.

Kids tournament: Margaret and Lucy will organise for Thursday of next week. 11am-5pm. 6-16 years. Freddie to email all members regarding same. Register on the day. Members €3; Non-members €4.

Fashion-show: Hoping to have same on Thursday 25th October. Tracey has contacted McElhinney's regarding same. They would sponsor models, etc (takes 3 girls in shop 2 weeks to organise 2x45min slots) We have to supply stage, lighting, dj, room decor etc. They would advertise, sell tickets etc in store. If we supply models, they would give a spot-prize also. We could also sell tickets. Jackson’s would be the venue. Tracey will contact all re same soon.

Acebook: Moving to next stage – able to accept online payments. Should be able to renew membership online altogether for next year. Big change will be that now when booking a court with a non-member, you will have to pay in advance online. Can book using own paypal account or online. People without computer access can still book off-line by calling the club phone. Also planning on offering corporate deals and hotel packages. (If hotel were to pay a lump sum, their guests could play for free within designated times; if company pays a lump sum, all their staff could get a discount on membership). Freddie will prepare a word document regarding same which members could circulate to potential companies.

24hour tennis tournament: Club text message to be sent; People to book online but need to tell them to book on the hour, not on the half-hour. Children can also be involved. Online payment will not be ready for this. Freddie has booked the courts for 24hour tennis already. He’ll open this up again so people can start to book in. It will need to be policed so that anyone booking for that day will get an email to confirm that they want to be involved in that. Could have bbq on /Friday night as well as on the Saturday. Eddie Walsh butcher in Donegal Town will supply meat for Saturday bbq. Could buy our own meat for the Friday night. Fliers to be distributed at Letterkenny tennis tournament. Butt Hall players to promote verbally at the Letterkenny tournament also. Margaret and Julie to get article into Finn Valley Voice and Donegal Town papers. Richard to post on Facebook. Drew, Joe and Richard to divide times / to each take responsibility for filling a block of the time. They will organise a spreadsheet for this.

Ladder: Karl McCafferty Jnr to take this on. He will post rules and a sign-up sheet in the clubhouse shortly. His aim is to have an unlimited ladder to rank the players participating. Players can challenge the person directly above them or 2 places above them. Winners move up.

Fundraising ideas: "50:50": people can put €2 in an envelope with their name in a box in the club. At the end of the month a name is drawn from that box. That winner gets half the proceeds with the club getting the other half. Fundraising ideas for later in the year / next year:
Table quiz in Dom’s Pier One, Donegal Town
Donegal Bay Waterbus fundraiser
Collect books for Danny McIntyre booksale – proceeds to us.

Club captains' election: Need to contact all members to obtain nominations. Could do this with Acebook.

Finances currently: Just over 200 members. Over €11,000 revenue from this. (many families who last year had family membership have rejoined this year as one adult and one child). Waiting on architect to sign off on the courts to free up final chunk of lottery money: This money is due to John McHugh already.

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Calender of Events for 2016

  • From 15th May Coaching to Primary schools around Ballybofey as part of the P.E. Program
  • 10-18th June Donegal Open (A, B, C)
  • Sat 1st July Tennis day, opened to everyone
  • July Parks Tennis for Juniors
  • Sat 16th September Tennis day, opened to everyone
  • September Airtricity Walk
  • 5th to 8th October Doubles Tournament (A, B, C)
  • Download the club's constitution